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removed from the medical curriculum and made the subjects of a

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the present case reaches the limit of disreputable audacity since

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to be most perfectly adapted to all the purposes of the animal economy.

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We furnish with each instrument an Illttstbated Manual of instructions pre

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women anaemia should be combated by iron preparations or by

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improvement in Ctesarean section and the re introduction and extension

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neurogeny and myogeny may be reconciled along the lines suggested

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mose by which fluids and gases are interchanged through tho structures

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criminately changed or alternated. As intimated in a preceding chap

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purgative administered at this critical period. At this time all the vital

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blood from the right ventricle to the right auricle. The semilunar

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butic or syphilitic taint mineral drugs as mercury antimony nitre

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abraded or ulcerated surfaces have been the seat of the transferred

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the groin on the outer side of the femoral vessels and just below

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division down to tlie os internum with one cervical canal but

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nate cutaneous affections as measles small pox scarlatina yaws syphi

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elegant English. It was in his opinion in many respects among

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ments for epicures and invalids. I regard them all as miserable trash

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sisted almost entirely of brown bread and curdled milk. The milk

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so far as practicable depends on a strict compliance with all the laws

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baths of a temperature of about 85 or cold or warm sponging.

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old cicatrix at the knee was pliable soft and much less noticeable

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membrane covering the temporal muscle on each side of the head.

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on l y a less specialised tissue still viz. fibrous tissue.

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Gray nerve jibres are smaller in diameter and less transparent.

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more beneficial when taken regularly the possibility of being

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ular with intervals of perfect ease denote the preparation going on in

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oped two hours to advantage. Pei sons of highly nervous tempera

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cine and children s clinics he also in his turn gives instruction to

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nificant development at birth while we admire the providence of na

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There are a variety of diseases whose most prominent phenomena

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or whose judgments are determined in the employment of these things

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of the ultimate we come now to the consideration of aliments or foods

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logical condition of the other genital organs such as salpingitis or

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Thf Ankle Joint. This is formed by the tibia and fibula with

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or the small ones long continued heartburn nausea and vomiting re

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of Children the Inspection of School Children Dermatology Clinics

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liness particularly in diseased or ulcerated states of the passage attract

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Finally the following resolution was formulated That the

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Treatment. There is nothing peculiar in the treatment of this af

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There are more men in the country to day who would seize the

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