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produced. On this view differentiation is a mechanical process set

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obesity. He does not believe in Bantingism and states

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patient breathing naturally afterwards by more forced breathing. There

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pharmacology and chemistry instructs officials in the service

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appreciation of the increased force in the apex beat and the heart sounds

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is obviously this had medical overtones to it of some nature so we

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men vomiting and a temperature of 104.2. Tliere was no exudate in the

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another five minutes four more drops were used. After

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incubation it cannot be said to prevent Ijut to cure.

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pocrate 1. Aussi avons nous deja dcs rluimes des catarrhes

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plified that question very materially. The cutting of a cord that is

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gradually be produced a typhoid state in which the patient dies.

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pation. It is much employed in the East where its febrifugal

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