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cury has been employed more or less for about three hundred years

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being in anaerobic surroundings gives rise to a process of fer

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by the pressure of the uterine tumor on the adjacent blood vessels.

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believe that this syinptoni may arise as the result of many ditfereut

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Dropsy of the Scrotum In some cases the fluid is contained in

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ism Modus Operandi Water and Drug treatment Contrasted Rationale of Drug med

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ment of the upper and front part of the chest communicating fila

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cent. Czerny liad a mortality of 50 per cent. and Woiler

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cheese though itself very indigestible stimulates the stomach to digest

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being carbonate of lime sulphate of lime the chlorides of calcium

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an ambulance. The injured brnb was treated for three days by

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unity of action very few would escape observation for any length

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than the opposite extreme and that it had likewise the good effect of

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by the arytenoid muscle it is nearly an inch in length somewhat

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regurgitation of blood into the auricle during the contraction of the

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that of epilepsy and hystero epilepsy in general with special

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mesenteric plexuses all derived from the solar plexus.

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a single line without any account whatever of the modern instruments

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thorough practical surgeon is to be preferred in all cases requiring

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many ages even to this day his leading doctrines are extensively rec

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posed simple and common a slight operation on the thumb and

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