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were found to room in all of the college buildings, and
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** The Relative Importance of Predisposing and So-Called Exciting Causes in the Etiology of
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palmar arches. A short lath upon the palmar side of the
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The phenomena of putrefaction, resulting from a series of peculiar
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97.6 in the axilla, and 98 to 98.2 under the tongue.
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may be attributed to vaso-motor changes, yet such a
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this subject, and is best shown in the rejected applicants for the
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years that it was found possible to isolate by chemical means
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day for six weeks. *^Two patches of squamous eruption over
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equilibrium must lose in weight ; the increased consumption of
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tion. I have often watched them, when lying near the surface of the water,
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of the clinical signs were wanting ; there was no jaundice nor any
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The progress of medicine within late years, as regards therapeutics, is
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Autopsy : Subcutaneous lymphatics not altered. Intestines normal ; partly
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chances are that they are not all hypersensitive, but a tremendous group
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hemiopia, or loss of sight in one half of each eye. So,
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against the anti-vaccinators. He, however, expressed his doubts as to the
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of it taken, decided the question ; it acted differently from
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Analysis. — Chloroform is a heavy colourless liquid (sp. gr. 1-484), neutral
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Using hypodermic tabloids which contain -J;\-^y of a grain, I pre-
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due. On the other hand, a discharge perfectly analogous to the menstrual
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I he blood corpuscles. The colored blood corpuscles in this young animal were distiectly
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famish a note like that usually belonging to the stomach. Althongh
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am indebted to Mr. C. Savory; it is as follows : —
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found in the literature of the decades of Heidenhain
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the contents of the Hdwi or "Continens," the Kitdbul-

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