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membranes are sometimes ruptured and the water of the amnion dis

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would procure them better residences and admit of an annual deposit

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stump to show he has an asset of considerable value when before

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sensation of cold is usually soon followed by a pleasurable warmth over

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of the disease. Recent investigation of the disease has shown the

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plied render it extremely susceptible to cold. Fur neckcloths caps

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ence on the degree of virulency they do ordinarily give rise to

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the German system of physical training the Swedish system ju jitsu

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menced. On the following day he attempted to work but vomiting again

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discharge of mucus or blood. This definition excludes those swell

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and lymphatics are now strippetl upwards off the pancreas. In

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An interesting extension of the work of the medical inspector is

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injuries to the brain but in which skillful treatment brought about

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days had distinct advantages but elieved that the advantages claimed

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In this case the discharge had persisted for three years no

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Encouraged by these and by the Parisian results other bodies are

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Fracture of the Ribs. The ribs nay be fractured at their ver

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ing water. But this argument is short sighted. A cold hip bath for

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of hydrochloric acid from the gastric juice the appearance of lactic

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what ought to be done for the patient do nothing ten chances to

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Terminations. This disease terminates by resolution suppuration

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Professor Spencer the strongest advocate for the retention of indue

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procedure consists in opening tlio antrum through the canine fossa

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phery of the granule. Scattered here and there through the abscess

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shoulder joint including the scapula can be drawn away through

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Dr. Dumars of Peoria reports the case of a man about 45 years

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this Society of whom the President shall he one he appointed by

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will answer for bathing purposes but the half bath during which the

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suffering from lolling and lisping stammering adenoids amp c. upon

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and that the amount of ethereal sulphates in the urine was greater in

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ing or bearing down sensation. Such attacks usually last a week and

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Not only so but there are sufficient references to literature to put an

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were two candidates for license examined prior to a meeting of the

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the pain of acute inflammations and increase the power of the tissues

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justifiable length with the operative treatment of cancer of the tongue

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versal experience as well as physiological science pronounced all fresh

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are peculiarly liable to them. Preparations of iron Mi ticularly the

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condition of the lungs. The bleeding lessens the patient s sensibility

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and ulcerated condition ot the lungs. Tubercles are formed indiscrim

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of the head and interference should not be considered until there

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in the bone. Sometimes it is merely a corner of bone transparent

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used with most beneficial results during the past few years on the

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special evidences of the general bad feeding bad dressing bad doctor

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Jhere was any possibility of a better way. About fifteen years since

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bowels during the latter part of the foetal life mixed with the ordinary

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application for twenty minutes has proved quite efficient.

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