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tention paid to the region over the tonsils which by a
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excessive physical exertions then without doubt the prepon
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male being often bronze green black yellow and white barred
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Bretonneau of Tours to grasp the fact that angina suffocativa cynatTclie
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reply thanked the Division and the Executive Committee
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made and expressing the opinion that a consulting officer
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nourished at length fails to answer the behests of the
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That having further considered the question of professional
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if it helps us in our studv of diagnosis but to the
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kingdom of Scotland and particularly in that neighbour
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would soon become obvious to us all that a certain type of
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walls so that it is only with great care that they are preserved
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to those having a definite stalk and a cauliflower like ex
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are many of them not destroyed. The poisons are of a
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Course. Usually fatal in twenty four to thirty six hours.
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liferation and union of two masses of cells representing
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the roof and windmill tanks without treatment though some
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mulberry like calculus of the size of a walnut. The patient recovered. The
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water. Mix thoroughly strain and serve immediately.
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operative interference in this affection. However the fact remains
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depth. Otherwise the paroccipital does not communicate
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Ix i n able to ascertain followed in 6 cases. In every
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are brought into the mouth. Bismuth and carbonate of soda sometimes
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after once leaving Hong Kong little danger of contracting the disease is
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Physician to the Scarborough Hospital. Royal Svo about
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mind that for the arrest of haemorrhage it is essential that blood clot

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