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admit only of a rice cultivation, the dark races, owing to the adaptation of

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with periods of downward progress. The patient usually

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a close relation with the degree of temperature, the condition of moisture, as

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vUv^.\ ;\NL^js skv^^icxTT!^ that he his ^ever eocoonteied a case

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at night was prescribed, and four grains of sulphate of zinc everv

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much more frequently than is supposed fruitful sources of scrofula."

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also assign much efiTect to the stimulation of the absorbents, and have been led

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intense summer heats, to a much more exalted temperature. Added to

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ing the vagina or imparting a new direction to the uterus. He

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especially common in the first decennium of life (period of scar-

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curs, there is temporary recovery as a general rule, and

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struction to the venous circulation takes place, the veins and the capillaries

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of soda (saleratus) in the tub. Then dry by patting with

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F. Smith as to their value. We generally use a mush (Indian meal) poultice

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shoes that do not adhere to the straight inside line.

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doubtful whether the earliest cases occurred at Yalentia or at Barce-

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of the feet, and the dependant parts of the head, trunk and extre-

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Dr. Dancan, from both of which the opposite appears to be the

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blood anemic. There is a peculiar numbness and dazed

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would have formed a most valuable addition to the library of the practitioner,

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Thompson proposes the following comparative experiments, 'i'reat the

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upper lip after smallpox ; nesection of the head of the femur

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character of the information which Dr. Flint^s book contains.

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by its size begins to affect the general health ; but if the powers

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Art. — IX. — On State Medicine in Great Britain and Ireland.

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water. Its climate may be considered the most equable under the government

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particular, the patient recovered readily from a moderately severe attack of the

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heel was less than 2 inches wide), and it should come

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Lu a I'Academie Royale de Medecine, Jan. 29, 1839. Annales D'Hy-

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as well as the military station located near the city, I cannot recall a single

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It is sufficient for our purpose here to allude to the exciting causes of an attack,

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perhaps, a little bare, but at any rate we shall have open field

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