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coincides with the far point. When however the same lens is brought
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that a selected and trained officer qualified to make epidemiologic and bactcri
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There remains still one important point to be considered namely
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of infantile spinal paralysis from which the author
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felt through the skin. Least mobility when forearm is
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were tolerant of his idiosyncrasies and interested and entertained by
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morphoses before reaching the final adult male or female condition. In the
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owe their origin 1o accidents at other times they occur in badly
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tised veterinarian. In most of the diseases of the chest there is
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coccus wards at various intervals probably once or twice a week as
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inary practice. The reader is referred to the section on
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Dargan tells of a case of remarkable rejuvenated lactation in a woman of
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coronary artery it is stated that it has origin above the left
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decreased after that until a few weeks ago when she had a relapse.
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except for the enlargement of the bones and for some soreness and
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aminations in Prague there were found in 373 or 3.1 per cent. healed
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the apex of the surgical axilla is involved 3 and in
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fluence upon the process in the Dose. Two drams every four hours
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quite commfju although it is apt to be slight and to
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preservation. So also the successful demonstration that animal
captopril generic drugs
pleuram desunt autem sympt. quse hystericum affectum esse
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Fehling s theses. When the whole complexus of morbid changes are
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by a chill usually follows a bronchitis and is developed in both lungs.
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tion by the surgeon and provides a means of systematically standard

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