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timer acquire the facility in working which soon comes to the

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the laboratory staft including medical and veterinary otticers and

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General Management of Fractures. Although a few genera

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freely employed until these symptoms are removed when cool or cold

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specially so here when the class of cases and the rapid changes

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been given under the impression that the case was one of actino

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A careful examination of his heart revealed nothing organically wrong

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out at a time when the increased tax on alcohol must affect considerably

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December 3d 8 o clock A. M. convulsious ceased during the night

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closed without drainage. In the course of a few days the stools were

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in the same cover and the excellence of the way in which they

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found to be correct we should have to demand the most rigorous

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typhus fever of the putrid form attended with carbuncular and imper

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only what is usually known as chronic bronchitis that concerns us here.

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thoughts and the height of their ambition. Be this as it may

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she became worse than ever. Saw her Wednesday morning be

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and proliferation. From the history and the changes in the resting

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parental responsibility. As a matter of fact however medical inspection

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classes of medicines called emetics cathartics diaphoretics diuretics

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quantity of exertion which will barely Miflice there must always be

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zerland are said by Marcand to bathe more generally than those of any

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not reached a sufficiently high plane through the reputation of

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greatest importance. It may be one s good fortune sometimes to

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medication either homeopathically or allopathically may do much

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Alvine worms are those which exist and find a proper nidus in the

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example the employers held tliat if a man underwent a slight

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consist of such large molecules that they will not diffuse through

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The group of diseases naturally associated under this head comprises

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monkey after an incubation period of 10 days. Whatever the nature

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be good natured and object not ntil completelj xhausted hence

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Thk Lingitinal Group. Five muscles 1. Genio hyo glossus this

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the course of their occupation and among other diseases which

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the descending scale. The plum or suet pudding is one of the most

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ential in the English speaking countries at least. The amount

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The frequency of the heart s contractions in other words the beats

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Later an anastomosis may be desirable and in draining the

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Occasional Terminations. This disease medical books tell us often

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If either of the above patients has betspgross in his eating habits

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Dropsy of the Spine. This affection is mostly congenital it

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lessness and nervousness. I need not take up your time referring

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cences spread about the perinaeum or within the verge of the anus it

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peritoneum externally to the bowel and then by gentle insinuation

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of caustic potash although the operation is a painful one. Dr. Hill

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which paralyses the connection between the vagus fibres and the

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