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portation with mobile units. After careful study the following conclusions were

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introduced to the medical world of the West the third great Perso Arabian.

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three hundred dollars a year for the four years at Jef

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groiTer ttje n tbat ef tbe Hunduras ano is of colour a Hion

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Plaut F. Die Sachs Georgische Ausflockungsreaktion bei Syphilis mit

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rectus with exposure of the larger pancreatic duct. 4 cc. of

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M.D. degree in 1823 he became a fellow of the Royal

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by a chill usually follows a bronchitis and is developed in both lungs.

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sensible deathly pale and pulseless. To all appearances

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value to the organizations attending them in view of the fact that

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Another disease uncommon in this country viz. prurigo Pruritus mitis

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yielding. The left leg was very weak but could be moved

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Dentists Act was iu a sense the product and expression

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I have before mentioned that fluctuation can rarely be

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considered to be an open current the current was known to pass

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be found in the thickness of the sections several fibrils over

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extremities holding up the arms over tlio head ll procedtovs ti

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The anemia in this instance was secondary due to rachitis.

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dro store. Those who are afflicted with Conr umption

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that it is very easy to discontinue for insufficient reasons. I think I

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the blood not being diminished possibly increased. In some diseases

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and dislocations ulcers and fresh wounds the bath attendants were permitted venesection

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with Lotze still cling to that dear old tradition of the theoretic life

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was to spontaneous cure and though treatment might do

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