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denoted by diaphoresis and diuresis. From improper food vitiated

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He continued to progress until 31st December when he had

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very tender. There were no signs of pregnancy and I could get no

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be given or regarded to regulate its administration or obviate the un

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fills up so to speak the orbital cavity. Instead of the cornea

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severe pain in the right trochanter major which had received the

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of the under surface of the os calcis inserted into

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portance. The patient should if possible go to stool at the same time

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is useful or even the copious drinking of warm water without emesis

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suction depends not upon an increased power of the individual

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Treatment of Arterial Sclerosis. In the stage of pre sclerosis the

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which should be expected of students of medicine that these subjects

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William Herbert Lowe author of the law regulating veterinary

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pressure in the pleural cavity. A day or two elapses after operation

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an antral suppuration Ijecause in the eight cases classitied as

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shores were free from the dread pestilence which was devastating other

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is now no fever or acceleration of pulse. Yesterday she had a

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relationship between the height of the temperature and that of

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as sugar and albumen which escape from the system through the

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All efforts to excite labor pains are hurtful meddlesome and mis

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Iodine has lately found a place in medical books as a fumigator or

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vouch for the promptness and constancy of the remedy. In a case

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from the ulcerated cavity the ulcer will heal kindly yet the bone will

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individual peculiarities. What is precisely right for one person may

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enthusiastic advocate of bloodless methods as Lorenz and Sprcngel.

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ment called the nipple surrounded by a colored areola. In structure

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It is a self evident proposition that the human mind is created with

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crustations and their breath is mostly or entirely free from the rank

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craniotomy was performed. Where contraction was not recognised

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warm hip bath immediately followed by the cold will often relieve.

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tion extends to the bowels attended with diarrhea and great tenderness

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as any other person. On April 20th she had an easy natural labor

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theories have been propose Without wasting any time upon thesa

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Morbid Histology. Portions of subcutaneous tissue skeletal

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in the subject that such confusing inaccuracies should occur as are to

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on. Notwithstanding every effort made the child died in eleven hours

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the patient tn gain strength liefore doing the bigger operation.

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subdued. When cold applications increase the pain warm or hot may

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