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from that made by the presence of tough mucus in the air-cells and finer

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trying to secure harmony, and have no desire to push the Bill through in the face of oppo-

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wandering into pool areas and possibly falling into

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edition, arranged the skin-diseases in an etiological

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were sweetened, and dipped in oil, wine, or honey. ^"^

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1 made the attempt with as much care and candour as I could bring to my aid,

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In blunt trauma, pregnancy only slightly alters the

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smear and relevant laboratory tests. As a general rule, oral contraceptives should not be

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mentation like it, and which exercises a rotatory power of the same character.

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formed, even from the cytoblast or 'germinal cell,' have been a subject of

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aortic valves are expanded by the column of blood, but they are not quite

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latter being, too generally, to death. Ormerod, as quoted

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eases, it is generally easier to distinguish the region, or even the organ, pri-

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. The minutes were read by the Registrar and confirmed and signed by the President.

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general principles. It would be unprofitable, therefore, to narrate the parti-

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VIII, IX, and X; decreased antithrombin 3; increased norepinephrine-induced platelet aggre-

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Adult Health Unit, 878 Peachtree St. , Atlanta, GA 30309. Send reprint requests to

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The mouth and lips were now cold ; the pulse was 140 ;

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Fountain, M.D., 910 N. Jefferson, Albany, GA 31708.

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alms-houses of the Commonwealth; and their existence, even there, has ex-

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advisability of continuation of the pregnancy should be discussed.

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should be told that INDERAL (propranolol hydrochloride) may interfere with the glaucoma

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■and also exorcise the vaults of the treasury."^ The manner of

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poration, authority, or other legal entity acting in

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