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with the cleanest of clean hands and we think it would be diplomatic
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neither consider the proposal sufficiently ripe for adoption.
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In view of the ettbrts at present being made to improve the
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and fine constipating farinaceous food. Under the delusion that the
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emetic. Dr. Huston testifies that he tried the bleeding practice in
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of refrigerating mixtures is among our most promising topical appli
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the extremities are preternaturally cold rubbing them thoroughly firsl
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To the medical profession the loss comes very closely
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so as to injure himself unless restrained. He shrieks and
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It would have been strange if no attempt had been made to treat
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tubercula quadrigemina and connected with the optic tubercles by two
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orchitis and not epididymitis which occurs occasionally in mumps.
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affected sympathetically or rather the morbid condition is extended
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have no such word as confinement a word so appropriate in civiliza
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inexact and they think that placental carcinoma is to he preferred
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six inferior ribs and ligamentum arcuatum externum and internum
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power and a more free communication between the blood vessels on
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to dogs and other animals in order to ascertain their nutritive proper
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It is in the diagnosis of such concealed arterial sclerosis that
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of severe headache had slight neck rigidity and Kernig s sign
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power of the vagus centre in the medulla to such an extent that
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symptoms in all these cases arc exceedingly obscure and variable and
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work. The inspector is a cog in a machine constructed by others.
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continuous scales of indeterminate outline generally appearing in ser
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of antimony are always cold torpid sensitive and debilitated so that
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eases to which they have assigned specific characters and which they
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their growth at an improper angle. Another somewhat common
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ing the patient at rest in avoiding undue manipulations in mode
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according to his notion to keep up the animal heat by yielding carbon
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Treatment. This is one of the maladies which the popular heal
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gans and particularly those with torpid livers and constipated bowels
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coccus and bacillus Havus. The surface epithelium was much
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local and empiric rather than by rational and general hygienic measures.
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based upon the schedule for medical examination but containing
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this condition it cannot be said that the sphygmomanometer gives
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in addition to this excess of coition the husband was possessed of
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Bostock shows a remarkable congruity between the leading practical

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